A true Black Light Party!

It isn’t often that we get to put on a true black light party.  There’s usually a lot of DJ lighting and other ambient light that, although not fatally, somewhat erodes the full effect of the ultra violet.  Not so on this occasion – we were able to totally exclude all other light forms and the effect was stunning!  We used lots of UV-reactive elements – wall banners, balloons, slinkies and even uv-reactive bead curtains to create some very cool effects.  Neon “Happy Birthday” confetti gave the floor another dimension – almost appearing to float above it!  On arrival, guests were encouraged to get their glow on, with neon fedoras, fishnet gloves, flashing rings, glasses, bracelets and neon body paints.  The ping pong table was especially kitted out for the occasion – even the paddles were given the glow-in-the-dark treatment!  Dinner was served on a luminous table, with black tableware giving a cool, reversed-out look.  Then the glowing bodies took to the floor in a highly anticipated dance competition that kept this cool-looking space humming well into the night!


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