Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year falls in late January or early February and provides the perfect excuse to enjoy a multi-cultural experience with friends. At this time of year, China is a sea of red and gold – lanterns, dragons, gold ingots and plenty of satsumas all bring the hope of prosperity and good fortune for the year to come.  Paper money is burned in the belief that it will pass to ancestors and bring them wealth, red envelopes containing money are gifted between friends and family to bring good fortune, and firecrackers are set off to ward off evil spirits. We decorated for this luncheon with a large collection of gorgeous silk lanterns which we hung all around. We trimmed a satsuma tree with mini fortune scrolls, and another with miniature lanterns. And branches of fluffy pink cherry blossom gave the hint of spring to come. Paper dragons decorated each place setting and red envelopes containing a few Chinese coins awaited each guest. An authentic Chinese luncheon was served, and Riff Raff made himself useful by passing out tiny little Chinese teacups of green tea.  It was a fun way to gather friends together and learn a little more about another culture!

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