Community Event

Pace Academy wasn’t going to let a little bit of construction (a new High School) get in the way of its 50th Annual Fall Fair, so they embraced the construction theme and we got ready to raise the roof!  We wanted to make a big statement to make sure that the community knew that the event was still going ahead in spite of the construction, so we decorated the entire perimeter fence of the campus with construction tape crosses and balloons – no-one was left in any doubt…!  In the Lower School,  a larger-than-life Bob the Builder made an appearance, and construction towers made of mylar balloons added a colorful accent to the decor. Throughout the school, traffic cones and construction signs signaled the approaching Fair, and Riff Raff even donned a safety vest and tool belt to persuade the Middle Schoolers that it was their party too.  Finally, two giant sky dancers sat outside the school’s front entrance every day, bobbing around and attracting the attention of passers by.  With lots of publicity (Riff Raff got to make his first TV appearance!) and the bold decor scheme, the Fair successfully attracted nearly 10,000 visitors!

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