Easter Egg Hunt

My kids are now beyond the age where running around the garden searching for a bunch of plastic eggs filled with candy is their idea of cool…  So, when I came across an adorable Egg Hunt kit a month or so ago, I instantly started thinking about how else I could use it.  The answer, of course, lay on my Easter table!  An astroturf table-topper provided the perfect backdrop.  We made stands for the cute bunny signs and then scattered a mix of colorful eggs around on the grass.  In the middle, I nestled a tree into a pretty flower ring then decorated it with shiny, metallic eggs.  Miniature individual bouquets hung from the back of each chair, and we decorated the archway in the background with a mass of artificial tulips.  Such a fun table and even the kids appreciated it - proving beyond doubt that you’re never too old to enjoy an Easter Egg Hunt…!

Easter Egg Hunt table


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