Harry Potter

This Harry Potter themed party had it all – from the arrival at platform 9 3/4 to dinner in the Great Hall.  The Kings Cross train station was filled with suitcases, packages and broomsticks – ready for the journey to Hogwarts.  There was even a Hogwarts Express snack trolley to satisfy any hungry mouths before the adventure began.  After passing through the station’s brick wall, the party opened with a sorting hat ceremony.  Guests were assigned to their houses and then took a wander along Diagon Alley to equip themselves with the necessary garb to fulfill their tasks – a robe from Madame Malkins’, a wand from Ollivander’s, a house badge and seal ring, and money from Gringotts Bank.  Then the fun really started – a Horcrux hunt, Professor Snape’s potions class, a lesson in defense against the dark arts and Professor McGonagall’s transfiguration class.  Dinner in the Great Hall was followed with a high-energy game of Quidditch and then the reward – candy shopping at Honeydukes!  Riff Raff was inducted into the House of Gryffindor and even sported a Harry Potter-esque lightning scar on his forehead.  For any Harry Potter fan, this was a total immersion in all things Hogsmeade!

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