Henry’s Decade Jam

If you’re turning 10 you might as well do it in style – and this was certainly that!  Henry’s Decade Jam was a rock-themed extravaganza for around 80 kids held at Capital City Club.  We got the message – he wanted bright colors and loud music and that’s exactly what he got!  We lit the room with alternating-colored uplights and gave each table a different colored linen, adding sequin linens here and there for some glitz.  We set up a photo backdrop where the kids were snapped with an Instamatic camera after picking up assorted rock-themed props from the accessories table.  Around the room, we added decor columns featuring mirrored guitars, glittered ROCK letters and a pyrotechic-style blast at the top.  For the centerpieces, we used a combination of silver glittered guitars lit by color-changing LEDs, and vases filled with mini mirror balls and topped with a large mirror ball.  We used all manner of color-changing lights to give the room a psychedelic feel, adding customized LED cola cups at each place setting.  A table was set up for some crazy face-painting, and the kids were given LED mouth grills which made them look pretty freaky!  Of course, Riff Raff was more than happy to come along for the ride, jamming out on his Fender…!


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