This lifeguard themed party was given as a thank you to a bunch of friends who had helped this family through a difficult time – there was much to celebrate!  Guests were greeted at the door by a big lifeguard’s chair and a hand-crafted welcome sign.  Riff Raff rose to the occasion dressing up as a lifeguard and offering the signature cocktail drink to guests – a vodka-based sweet tea!  The house was decorated with seaside accents, from mini beach huts and boats to chunks of coral and big lanterns.  Highboy tables were decorated with fishing nets and glass lanterns; little sandy beach hut scenes were created as centerpieces; and white paper lanterns were hung from the ceiling to add a pretty glow to the evening.  Down on the entertainment level, a quick-fire ping-pong tournament was set up and, for those wanting to be just a little less energetic, a pool table.  The bar served a variety of beach-themed concoctions, whilst a band crooned for those wanting to dance out on the deck.  The evening was a happy celebration for the gratitude of friendship through thick and thin.

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