Golden Wedding Anniversary

The Owl and the Pussycat theme for this Golden Wedding Anniversary celebration had a particular relevance for the couple.  Hand-built by the husband when they began their married life living on a houseboat, the pea-green boat had sat abandoned in a barn for many years before we hauled it out and decorated it for the party.  Still turning his hand to impossible engineering feats, the couple used his most-recent project, a hand-built steam car, as their getaway at the end of the party!  A painting commissioned especially for the couple’s anniversary reflected the barn owls that live in their barn, and the oriental cats that the couple loved.  It also reflected the vibrant colors used throughout the decor.  The couple’s Morris-dancing hobby was reflected in the almost two thousand yards of satin ribbons, tied to chair backs and decorating the marquee.  A very happy afternoon was spent celebrating four generations of this family, with a casual farmhouse-style luncheon and dancing on the lawn to a live band!

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