Old-Fashioned Carnival

Hoopla, the duck pond game and bean bag toss were a few of the traditional games that were played at this old-fashioned Carnival party.  We went with a rich red and white theme, uplighting the room in a ruby wash and accenting with café light strings.  We added another level of decor with fireworks projected on the wall, and a rotating wheel bringing to mind a fairground favorite – the Ferris wheel.  As a centerpiece to the room, we created a mock circus tent using swathes of rich taffeta tissue lamé, including a starlit marquee sign in the birthday girl’s name.  A custom-made chalkboard photo booth backdrop provided an unfettered opportunity for selfies, with ticket and games booths either side.  The concession stand offered all manner of treats, from fresh popcorn to cotton candy.  Players were awarded prizes for scoring in the games – clown hats, clown noses, oversized ties, gloves and huge glasses so that, by the time they had played every game, each began to resemble his or her very own circus clown.  Riff Raff donned his best fairground attendant’s attire and offered directions to the party’s various activities.  After a lot of fun and merriment, the party-goers cooled down in front of an “outdoor” movie, sitting in colorful Adirondack chairs or sprawled over picnic blankets and floor cushions.  And, when we went back to take it all down again the next day, I got a big hug from the party girl which is just about the best “thank you” you can get…!


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