Oscars Night

The Annual Academy Awards ceremony provides the perfect excuse to indulge in a little red carpet glamour.  This couple wanted to invite their friends to come watch the awards ceremony in style – black tie for the guys, full length dresses for the girls.  So we treated their home to a hefty dose of gold and sparkle to give the night an opulence and hedonism rarely seen outside of Hollywood! From the moment they stepped onto the red carpet, guests were indulged in splendor.  The hallway was a Walk of Fame, with each guest being honored with their own star.  Handsome gilded statues held gorgeous red rose flower balls – sixteen dozen red roses in all!  Exquisite sequin linens reflected the rich red lighting and the dining table was dressed with glittered candles, gilded statues and carnation flower balls in pink and red.  Even the TV was dressed for the occasion in shimmering red lamé drapes and a retro cinema marquee sign.  Sipping champagne through straws from gold-glittered mini bottles, guests filled out their ballot predictions for the night with big black ostrich feather pens.  Then, after a gourmet dinner, they settled down for a very glamorous night in front of the TV…!

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