Pace Academy Fall Fair 2014

Again this year, we were happy to be asked to decorate the campus of Pace Academy for their annual Fall Fair.  The theme was “Legendary Fun”, following a long tradition of medieval association for the school (“The Castle”,  the “Pace Knights” and the “Knights of the Round Table” to name but a few!).  We took inspiration from the Fair logo – dressing the school’s various Knights with red velvet capes and feather plumes on their helmets.  We added yellow to last year’s reusable balloons and lined the campus perimeter with 1,200 feet of custom made pennant strings.  Around the school, shields and banners, flags and pennants added a medieval flavor, and Riff Raff looked splendid dressed as a Crusader!  Then came the biggest challenge, we needed a dragon…!  A fabulous team of volunteers worked to construct a tail – we wanted to make a statement and, at a little shy of 50-feet, this certainly did!  Draped from the new High School’s clock tower, he spiked the interest of many an inquisitive student.  How big was his body?  How fierce was his demeanor?  And where was his head???  All questions that we hope to answer at next year’s Fair…!

Fall Fair Decorations 2014

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