Paris Bat Mitzvah

This Bat Mitzvah at the Defoor Centre was given a distinctly Parisian feel!  The Night in Paris theme was the inspiration of the Bat Mizvah girl who also came up with the idea of featuring the work of some of her favorite artists in the manner of a French art gallery.  To her own artistic designs, we created large Night in Paris signs and used the red rose as an accent to the otherwise silver and navy blue theme.  An immaculate seven-foot model of the Eiffel Tower was complemented with a pastiche of a French flower-seller’s stall to create a strong focal point on the stage.  Even Riff Raff donned a breton top, beret and string of garlic!  The kids got to hang out in their “Cafe” area, set up under a custom-made black and white awning, whilst the adults relaxed in their own “glow” bar, set off the main party room and decorated in warm hues of pink, orange and purple.  The celebrations went off without a hitch, and even the Grandparents were spotted strutting their stuff on the dance floor.  It’s true what they say – you’re never too old to enjoy a good party!

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