Winter Wonderland – part 2

So, for Winter Wonderland part 2, we added a little pink – pink LED blossom trees, pink under-table lighting and a pink apex for the marquee!  Deep blue uplighting on the walls gave a sense of nighttime, and a rotating mirror ball added a swirling, snowfall feel to the space.  Clusters of birch branches emerged from carpets of snow, and the ceiling was decorated with huge chandeliers of icicles and crystal.  For those immersing themselves in the wonderland theme, there was hot chocolate and cones of popcorn.  Marshmallows, strawberries, pretzels and rice krispie cakes were available for dipping at the white chocolate fountain.  An amazing snowflake-themed cake showcased sugar crafting at its finest and, for those fancying a little of the outdoors, a s’mores station gave guests the opportunity to toast their own marshmallows and recreate their favorite fireside snack!

So there you have it – two Winter Wonderland-themed parties, both with their own look and individual style!

Pink Ice Wonderland

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