Winter Wonderland

We were asked to decorate for this Eighth Graders’ dance.  The children had picked their own theme and it was our job to ensure the decor met their expectations…yikes!  We created a wintery backdrop along the entire length of the back wall, uplighting gossamer drapes pooled over a thick carpet of snow, and hanging huge snowflakes and fir trees silhouettes in front.  A personalized Winter Wonderland archway provided a perfect photo backdrop for the kids to snap each other against and Riff Raff made sure he was right there in the action.  Dressed as Jack Frost, he sported a fabulous spiky wig and frosted tailcoat – even his necktie was formed of icicles!  Highboy tables were set around the dance floor and underlit in a warm pink light like the glow from an igloo against a snow-covered landscape, while above the colored hues dancing on the ceiling were evocative of the Northern Lights.  Huge centerpieces were created using silvered and frosted branches, atop tall cylinders filled with snow, lit from beneath to create large, spooky shadows on the ceiling.  The children were treated to all manner of delicious goodies, from s’mores push-pops to chocolate-dipped strawberries, and mugs of delicious hot chocolate with peppermint stick stirrers.  A fabulous DJ kept the dance floor jumping all night.  All round, the kids seemed pretty happy with their choice of theme!

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